The "Lens" body shape was inspired by the Zeta Systems "Mirror 6" guitar and "Prism 4" bass. (Paul Guy Guitars has no connection with this company.) This is a futuristic but very comfortable and ergonomic shape which balances well both on a strap and in the lap, and allows unlimited access to the highest frets. I make this body in two sizes. Basses and baritones use the full size version. Guitars usually use the 7/8 size, but can be optionally ordered with the full size body.

The picture above shows a Lens GR guitar, a Lens Baritone guitar, and a fretless Lens Bass. All three instruments have alder bodies and maple necks. The guitar has an ebony fingerboard while the baritone and bass have rosewood boards. The Lens GR guitar has Sperzel locking tuners, a Fender American Standard vibrato, and four handmade Kent Armstrong S/S Strat Standard (humbucking) pickups. Two of these are in a standard humbucker-size case at the bridge. A toggle switch connects the fourth pickup (the second of the pair in the humbucker case) in series with whatever pickup/ s are selected by the 5-way switch. It also has built-in Roland-authorised synth/V-Guitar driver electronics with the appropriate controls: synth volume, guitar/mix/synth selector, and remote "S1/S2" switches.

The Lens Baritone has a 27" scale length, Sperzel locking tuners, and a Kahler Original vibrato (with bass springs). It has three Sky STV-1 single-coil pickups which are controlled by a 5-way switch plus a 3-way mini-toggle which provides series connections of the neck and middle or middle and neck pickups. It also has a built-in Roger Mayer-designed Guy RM-1 preamp with a true bypass switch. The controls are volume, tone (midrange filter) and preamp gain (unity - +15dB).

At left is a Lens guitar with alder body, birdseye maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. This guitar has handmade Kent Armstrong pickups - a Paf Plus at the neck, a Standard S/S (humbucking) Strat in the middle, and a Doublebucker (Paf Plus & Distortion, 4 coils) at the bridge. The two small switches are a selector (Paf+/Dist) for the bridge pickup and a true bypass switch for the built-in Roger Mayer-designed Guy RM-1 preamp. The controls are volume, tone (midrange filter) and preamp gain (unity - +15dB). For some reason the red in this sunburst became very exaggerated in this picture, either in the scan or in my GIF-conversion. Sorry...

Here is a solid koa Lens - flanked by a Lens Baritone and a partially completed sunburst Lens - with birdseye maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, also with Roland synth electronics. This has Sperzel locking tuners and a Wilkinson VS100 Convertible vibrato, Kent Armstrong pickups, and uses a Schaller Megaswitch P to get the same pickup coil combinations as a PRS guitar with the 5-way rotary switch.

Many other configurations are possible.

Here is a detail photo of the Rnd synth driver installation on the koa guitar. The jack output can be used separately or simultaneously with the G-13 output. The guitar signal is available at both outputs.

This particular Lens Bass has no magnetic pickups at all, instead it uses a Zeta Systems bridge with inbuilt piezo elements in the string saddles, and Zeta active electronics with volume, treble and bass controls.

All Guy guitars have the Guy E-Z-AX-S © neck joint.

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