The Spectre GR is a nylon-strung electric guitar with built in Roland-authorised synth/V-guitar controller electronics.

TheSpectre has a chambered construction, where 66% of the wood in the body is routed out before the soundboard - with a bracing pattern inspired by the work of Dr. Michael Kasha - is glued on. It has a very full and natural amplified sound, free of feedback even at high volume.

The hexaphonic piezo pickup (by Shadow of Germany) which forms the bridge saddle is supplemented with a "bug" or "contact" pickup located under the bridge, which can be mixed in with the hex pickup signal for an even more natural sound. Seven trimpots are provided on the circuit card for balancing the levels of the six strings plus the bug signal at the guitar output jack, totally independent of the 13-pin synth driver output.

The controls duplicate the functions of the Roland GK-2A synth driver - synth volume, guitar / mix / synth selector switch, and 2-way remote control switch - plus a volume control for the "straight guitar" sound. The electronics are phantom powered from the synth or V-Guitar module, but switch automatically to internal battery power when used without the module.

The body and neck are made of South American mahogany, the soundboard of spruce, cedar or redwood (customer choice), and the fingerboard of ebony. As these guitars are handbuilt to order, neck width, thickness and string height may be specified by the customer.

The export price is US $2550 FOB Stockholm.

Used by (among others) The Royal College of Music, Stockholm and the Gothenburg College of Music.

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