The StarCruiser is my version of an old favourite. It is available in a wide variety of woods and finishes and the customer can specify all the details - hardware, pickups, electronics, fret size, neck width, etc, etc, etc...

As with all Guy Guitars it has the E-Z-AX-S neck joint and a 4 + 2 angled headstock.

Priced from $2950.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd
with his StarCruiser: Kenny's guitar has an alder body, curly maple neck with rosewood board, Sperzel tuners, Wilkinson VSV Vintage vibrato, Sky mini lipstick tube pickups, and a Guy RM-1 preamp.
This guitar can be heard on Kenny's album "Trouble Is", particularly on "Blue On Black".

This is my own instrument. It has a swamp ash body, maple neck with ebony board, Sperzel tuners, Wilkinson VSV Vintage vibrato, and Sky mini lipstick tube pickups. It's nowhere near as red as in this picture in real life.

All Guy guitars have the Guy E-Z-AX-S © neck joint.

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