In reply to a rather basic question on one of the newsgroups about "guitar cords"... (The witer really meant "chords"...)

Subject: Re: Guitar Cords
From: Giri

Plug one end into your guitar and one end into the amp. That's it. As you become a more advanced player, you'll want to get into cord theory, which tells you *which* end goes where. Jazz cords have kinks in them. Power cords are very fat. Suspended cords should hang between your guitar and amp without touching the ground (also known as catenary cords). If you're using effects pedals, you'll have to stack cords. Very short cords are called diminished and very long ones are called augmented. Then there's cord substitution, which I won't even get into. If your major cord (the one you always use) is too short, you can use cord extensions. Some folks (like SRV) used several amps and hence had to use polycords. Drummers are not considered musicians because they don't use cords.


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