The Incomparable Jeff Beck

Interview with Jeff Beck for FUZZ, 1999

Interview with Jeff Beck for FUZZ, 2001

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Jeff Beck's guitar

Fender® Jeff Beck Stratocaster
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Jeff plays on 0,011" - 0,048" Ernie Ball strings, tuned a half step low. His vibrato bar is set up for a pull-up of a whole tone on the high E string, the back edge of the bridge plate being about 1/4" above the body in rest position. His lower tone control is wired to work on the bridge and middle pickups. Jeff plays through a Snarling Dogs wah-wah and a Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 amp with a 4 x 12" (Celestion "Greenbacks") speaker cabinet. He also uses two 2 x 12" Marshall wedge monitors at front of stage, driven by a DSL50 power amp. Delay and reverb effects are added at the mixer. Beck does everything else with his bare hands.


Yardbirds ("Roger The Engineer" )

Truth - Beck-Ola - Rough & Ready

Jeff Beck Group - Beck Bogert & Appice - BBA Live

Blow by Blow - Wired - Jeff Beck & Jan Hammer Live

Flash - There & Back - Guitar Shop

Beckology - Crazy Legs

Who Else! - You Had It Coming - Jeff

Jeff Beck Live

Sept. 2003, at B.B. King's Blues Club, NYC
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Annette Carson's excellent "unauthorised" biography.

Highly recommended!

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For true Jeff Beck freaks...

By Christopher Hjort and Doug Hinman. "This book traces Jeff Beck's career from the Yardbirds to jazz-rock listing and documenting close to 900 live appearances from 1965 to 1980. It also includes info on recording sessions, TV and radio appearances, set lists and discographies with chart listings in the UK and US. It is thoroughly illustrated and has 16 pages of unpublished pictures plus appendixes with a complete guitarology, bibliography and a selection of quotes."

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Just about everything there is to know about Jeff Beck - his career, his records and much more - can be found at:
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