Siamese cats

My wife and I have two lovely Siamese cats - Gizmo, a blue-point male, and Sloopy, a lilac-point female. They are actually registered as Balinese variants, as their dad was a Balinese.
Balinese cats are long-haired Siamese: our cats inherited their short-hair coats from their mother, a champion pure-bred Siamese.

And here she is, with her six kittens, born 27th Nov 1996.
Photo © Erik Thylander

Ch S* Chandini's Yahtzee's Flightcrash, SIA c - "Porsche"
Litter after Int Ch S*Tammee's Highlanders Hawk, BAL n - "Måns"
Our two kittens - Xerox Copy Cat (Gizmo's "official" name) and Xotic Xanadu (Sloopy) are somewhere in this puddle of cats.

This is the litter - minus Sloopy - at about ten weeks old. Anyone who has seen "Gremlins" will understand how Gizmo got his name. I'm pretty sure that's him at front right, he was the biggest kitten in the litter. (Sloopy had the longest tail...)

Here's Sloopy at about the same age:
And here they are lying on my lap, shortly after they came home to us at the end of february 1997.

Sloopy is named after the old rock'n'roll song "Hang On Sloopy" - partly because I never yet met anyone called Sloopy, and partly because I think it kind of suits her! (If I had been able to foretell what she would be like as an adult cat, it might have been "Sleepy".)

These two beautiful little creatures soon made themselves at home with us, and were every bit as playful as one expects small kittens to be. In the picture Gizmo is trying to kill a toilet roll - he got paper all over the floor but was having such a good time we didn't have the heart to stop him. In the background Sloopy is busy playing her favourite game, football with a crumpled-up piece of paper...

The Rumble

Once in a while they would have fights which looked - and sounded - as though they were killing each other! But they never seemed to inflict any injuries, and would be the best of friends again, curled up together grooming each other, ten or fifteen minutes later.

We bought Gizmo and Sloopy partly to keep our 13-year old pure white half-Siamese cat Kitty company after her life-long companion, our sorely-missed little black cat Lucy, died, and partly just because we both love cats. I have had a thing about cats, and about Siamese cats in particular, for as long as I can remember. So when I went looking for a pair of kittens I thought I would see if there were any Siamese available. When I called the Thylanders their Porsche had just had a litter of six five weeks before. Once in a while I do get lucky!

Here is Kitty by the coffee machine (with the flash in her eyes...). Kitty was very suspicious of the new kittens at first but everything worked out after she had established her dominance.

In this picture Sloopy and Gizmo are in their favourite place the first few weeks - my lap - as Kitty, who is definitely my wife Lillemor's cat, flatly refused to let them sit in her lap at first...

It is astonishing how fast kittens grow. Sloopy grew well, but Gizmo grew even better - and was soon quite a bit bigger than his sister. They do everything together - here they are looking out the kitchen window.

This is little Sloopy.

As I said, it took a little while for Kitty to accept the kittens, but they were so persistent in trying to make friends with her, and wanting to cuddle up to her to sleep, and so on, that they won her over in the end. Once in a while Gizmo would step over the line and she would give him a whack or two, but she liked to watch them play together, and loved to curl up to sleep with them.

Sadly, Kitty passed away back in February 2000. She was a lovely old moggie, and we still miss her. But she lived to be over 16 years old, and was never sick until right before the end, so she had a good life. Gizmo and Sloopy were wonderful companions for her last three years, and made an enormous contribution to her quality of life. (And to ours!)

Gizmo and Sloopy are just over 5 years old now, and they are a constant joy. Here are a couple of pictures taken in April 2002.

As usual, Gizmo wants his tummy rubbed...

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