True Temperament Guitar Necks


"It f***ing works!" - Micke "Nord" Andersson
Micke Nord
True Temperament Model T Thidell Formula 1 neck on 1982 Fender® Tele body

Crazy!!!!! But fantastic!!!! - Janne Stark
Janne Stark

I have just ordered a nice new guitar - or rather, a rebuild of an old guitar - with a tempered neck by Anders Thidell. It looks totally weird, as if a highly inebriated panelbeater had tried to refret it. I didn't think it would be possible to play it at all, but damn!!!!!

I have never experienced a guitar before where all the chords, along the whole neck, from barre chords at the 14th fret to open G, C and E were one hundred per cent in tune - at the same time! PLUS it feels just like playing a normal guitar!

I will be getting mine just in time to play with the all-star band at the Sweden Rocks Kickoff on December 2nd.

Janne Stark