Die Wohltemperirte Gitarre™

Die Wohltemperirte Gitarre™ (The Well-Tempered Guitar™) is patterned after Dr. Bradley Lehman’s recent rediscovery of the Well Tempered tuning employed by J.S. Bach. This temperament was lost to the world for around 250 years before Dr. Lehman finally deciphered Bach’s own handdrawn diagram on the title page of Das Wohltemperirte Clavier, Book 1.

Bach’s Well Tempered tuning has been something of a Holy Grail of temperaments and the story of its discovery is like a real life DaVinci Code mystery. Check out Dr. Lehman's website for the full fascinating story, or go here: The Bach/Lehman "1722" temperament for the short version.

If you play a lot of "jazz" chords, in key signatures which brass players tend to favour, Die Wohltemperirte Gitarre is an excellent choice. Major keys in "Wohl" which sound closer to the natural tone row are: F, G, Bb, C, D. Minor keys which sound closer to the natural tone row are: E, F#, Ab, A, B, D.

The remaining key signatures all sound harmonically acceptable to the ear, with varying degrees of tonal colour. Nothing sounds dissonant, but interesting, subtle effects are created which add harmonic "spice" to the mix. This applies to all the keys to some extent, and is a valuable tool which can add to the emotional "feel" of the music. See: Key Colours

This temperament adapts wonderfully to the guitar, imparting a warm, singing resonance and subtle key colouration, truly bringing the guitar to life.

For a detailed description of how this temperament is constructed, see:
Technical details

How is this temperament tuned?

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