Does guitar tuning make you bad-tempered?
Don't lose your temper - find it here!

With a revolutionary new approach to the design of the guitar's fretboard, True Temperament delivers an accuracy of fret scaling never before achieved in the history of the guitar. Genuine innovation, and a radical new fretting technique, make it possible to accurately implement any target temperament on the guitar, while retaining full playability.

Curved Frets™
We are proud to present a quantum leap in guitar technology.
Our unique cast silicon bronze Curved Frets™ fine-tune the intonation of every single note on the guitar, without affecting playability. This is the way a piano is tuned - one note at a time. This is impossible with one-piece, straight frets.
Curved Frets™ play just like standard frets. You do not need to modify your playing technique. Bending is not affected.

Dynamic Intonation™
Our fret positions are NOT calculated mathematically.
They are derived from analysis of thousands upon thousands of exacting physical measurements made on real-world strings, vibrating under real-world conditions. We call this process Dynamic Intonation™.

How do we do this? See Technique

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