Tuning Meantone Blues™

Any of the three "correct" tuning methods here:

Tuning methods evaluated

can be used to tune the Meantone Blues temperament - just use an A on your tuner, or from another instrument, as your reference note, instead of an E.

Tuning the open strings - except for the A string - to an ordinary chromatic tuner will not work with Meantone Blues, as the open strings are not tuned in equal tempered intervals. But any tuner will work just fine if you tune any A note on each string: 5th or 17th fret on the E strings, open or 12th fret on the A, 7th or 19th fret on the D, 2nd or 14th fret on the G, and 10th or 22nd fret on the B.

Offsets (in cents) for programmable tuners for the open strings are as follows:

E6 A5 D4 G3 B2 E1
-2.6 0 +4.8 +7.2 -4 -2.6

If you are tuning by ear, you should always take an A note as reference when tuning to another instrument. Tip: the 5th fret harmonic on the A string, and the 5th fret note on the high E string, should both be A=440Hz. (Or A=442Hz, etc, if that is what your band uses.)