Neck Specifications

We use the finest necks available, supplied to us by Warmoth Guitar Products** in the USA. By special order they are delivered with the fingerboards unslotted. Here in Sweden, using state-of-the-art CNC and laser machining technology, we cut our unique curved fret slots and install the frets and the position markers.

Note the truss rod side adjust mechanism on the treble side of the heel. No need to remove the neck to make minor relief adjustments, just loosen the strings and adjust the side adjust screw with the supplied Allen key.

Warmoth's information page about the side-adjust mechanism

Our model "S" neck fits a standard Fender Stratocaster«* neck pocket and has the standard "6 left" tuner arrangement.áBy special order it is also available in a "4 + 2" tuner configuration :

Our Model "T" is a replacement Telecaster«* neck. (Headstock profile trademark licenced to Warmoth Guitar Products Inc., by Fender. Please note that these necks are supplied WITHOUT our trademark logo on the peghead.)

Scale length: 25-1/2"
Nut width: 1-11/16" (42,86mm)
Fingerboard radius: 12" (304,8mm)
22 frets : 0,090" (B) x 0,045" (H) ("medium jumbo")
Neck: maple
Fingerboard: rosewood
Other woods by special order, at a surcharge: enquire for price

We also offer 24-3/4” scale conversion necks - these will fit a 25-1/2” scale body with standard bridge placement.

** Please note that True Temperament assumes full responsibility for the warranty on these necks. Warranty queries should be addressed to us, not to Warmoth.

* ”Fender”, “Stratocaster” and “Telecaster” are registered trade marks of Fender, Inc.
Paul Guy is a Fender Certified Acoustic & Electric Guitar Technician, Gold Level. Apart from that, we have no connection with Fender, nor do they endorse our product.

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